Philips eW Profile Powercore Undercabinet 11" 523-27-48

Philips eW Profile Powercore Undercabinet 11
Philips Lighting's Color Kinetics eW® Profile Powercore® is an ultra-low profile 11"" LED undercabinet fixture for task lighting applications. This warm white long-life LED fixture will provide approximately 48,000 hours of use, with a lumen maintenance of 70 percent.
Used 3 hours each day, this is equivalent to 43 years! And, this eW Profile Powercore fixtures does not heat the illuminated surface beneath, discharge infrared radiation, emit ultraviolet light, or contain mercury, making this fixture an energy efficient, environmentally responsible light source that will last until the next generation. It has easy to adjust clips to attach the fixture to the underside of a cabinet (though mounting screws are not included).

Item No EFI-7510.118

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