pH Low Range 6.0-7.6 for Freshwater, 225-Tests

pH Low Range 6.0-7.6 for Freshwater, 225-Tests
The Nutrafin pH Low Range Freshwater Aquarium Test Kit offers a full complement of test equipment: test pipette; glass test tube and cap, lab base, instruction booklet. The test is essential to be able to establish correct pH range(6.0-7.6) required by fish and plants. The pH value is directly implicated in ammonia toxicity.
  • Suitable for freshwater aquariums to establish the right pH range for your fish (6.0-7.6)
  • Monitors ammonia toxicity level
  • Best used in aquariums containing most common tropical fish, such as Tetras, Discus,
  • Tanks pH levels should be monitored regularly as they have a direct effect on the well-being and health of fish
  • Easy to follow directions; Contains 225 Tests
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  • Brand: Nutrafin
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