TriLASTIN CF with Hydro-Thermal Accelerator

TriLASTIN CF with Hydro-Thermal Accelerator

Achieve maximum results even faster and save. When applied to the skin, the formulas in our exclusive 2-part system work together help to speed and enhance the delivery of bioactive components to the skin. These combined technologies present a more advanced and comprehensive approach than any other cellulite/slimming agent on the market.

TriLASTIN-CF Cellulite/Firming Complex
TriLASTIN-CF Cellulite/Firming Complex is an intensive formula designed to target the actual causes of cellulite. This scientifically advanced body treatment uses a unique, multi-faceted approach to help accelerate the body’s natural breakdown of fat cells. In as little as 3 weeks, TriLASTIN-CF can reduce the visible appearance of cellulite, smooth dimpled skin texture and help to firm loose, sagging skin.

TriLASTIN-CF features two, exclusive technologies that will not be found in any other competitive product. Our LipoTrisome Active Complex is a compound of 3 fat-burning ingredients that helps replace cellulite with firm, elastic tissue. Our SDDS - Sequenced Diffusion Delivery System - creates a protective, invisible skin patch that provides a time-delayed release of functional ingredients to the skin. This maximizes the effectiveness of our active concentrations.

TriLASTIN-HT Hydro-Thermal Accelerator TriLASTIN-HT is specifically designed to enhance the effectiveness of all TriLASTIN body care products. It activates with the skin’s moisture to create a unique hydro-thermal action that opens the pores and stimulates the skin. A vitamin-infused penetration enhancer binds with TriLASTIN-CF’s bioactive components to help promote optimal effectiveness.

Key Features:

  • Three fat-burning ingredients along with the body's natural mechanisms metabolize fat and progressively replace cellulite with firm, elastic tissue.
  • Smoothes and contours the texture of dimpled skin
  • Lifts and firms loose sagging skin
  • Helps to replace cellulite with firm tissue
  • Helps to prevent new cellulite from forming
  • Helps improve water distribution and drainage in cellulite-prone areas
  • Allows the natural regeneration of elastin and collagen
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Made in the USA

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