Ovatel Ovulation Monitor - Simple and accurate way to pinpoint ovu...

Out Of Stock Ovatel Ovulation Monitor - Simple and accurate way to pinpoint ovu...

Ovatel Ovulation Monitor - Simple and accurate way to pinpoint ovulation with unlimited tests and a free Smartphone App

OvaTel is a mini microscope designed to allow a woman to see if or when she is fertile. This fertility monitor uses saliva instead of urine to determine when you are close to ovulation. The mini scope looks for specific crystallization patterns in dried saliva that occur at the time a woman would ovulate. OvaTel works like any other microscope, but is smaller. Your sample is magnified by the lens so that you can see your fertile ferning pattern. This monitor uses saliva to test for fertility.

Estrogen in a woman's body causes a reaction that makes her saliva crystallize when her levels are peaking. Putting a sample on the microscope and allowing it to air dry will allow a woman to see if she is entering her fertile period. Your Ovatel fertility monitor has a 54x magnification lens that allows you to see these crystals clearly.

Simply put a sample on the lens, wait for it to air dry completely, and look through the lens in a light source. You will be able to see if you have any ferning, and therefore be able to determine your fertility - simple and effective!

Unlike other more expensive tests and devices, Ovatel can be used as many time as you want. Unlimited tests for a fraction of the cost!

Smartphone camera attachment is included if you want to take a picture of the sample into the Ovatel App to have a clear picture of your cycle fertile period and ovulation. You can still use Ovatel with a naked eye, using the App extremely useful, but completely optional.

  • Ovatel uses saliva to detect a "ferning" pattern caused by the spike of estrogen during fertility
  • High power 54x durable mini-microscope, no switches or buttons to break, no batteries to replace
  • ALL NEW Ovatel includes smartphone camera attachment and free App for iPhone and Android
  • App allows you to save and compare pictures of your samples and mark key events on your cycle's calendar
  • Discrete, portable, easy to use, and 98% accurate indicator of ovulation with unlimited uses
  • $39.99



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