Peaceful Pregnancy Tea – Organic Red Raspberry Leaf - Birds & Bees...

Peaceful Pregnancy Tea – Organic Red Raspberry Leaf - Birds & Bees...

Peaceful Pregnancy Tea – Organic Red Raspberry Leaf - Birds & Bees Teas also includes Nettle, Rosehips, Rose Petals and more – Nourishing and Safe for Your First Trimester through Third Trimester

BIRDS & BEES TEAS PEACEFUL PREGNANCY TEA is a prenatal in a cup for mothers who looking to nourish both mom and baby with essential nutrients and trace minerals.

2.5oz of loose leaf herbal tea. Gluten Free. Pregnancy Safe.

Pure Herbal Ingredient: BIRDS & BEES TEAS PEACEFUL PREGNANCY TEA is just plant material. No fillers, no flavorings. Pure herbal tea blend. Made with organic herbs traditionally used to nourish mom and baby.

INGREDIENTS: Red Raspberry Leaf, Nettle Leaf, Alfalfa leaf, Rosehips, Rose Petals, Hawthorne Berry, and Orange Peel

This organic & caffeine free pregnancy tea blend is high in essential nutrients and trace minerals necessary during preconception, pregnancy and beyond, this blend is our prenatal supplement in a cup. Although it does not replace real foods and a good food based prenatal vitamin, it was formulated to be enjoyed daily as a part of your nutritional self-care. Red Raspberry Leaf infusion is frequently recommended for use throughout pregnancy and we have combined it with herbs that nourish deeply and impart a sense of peace and calmness to make it the best organic pregnancy tea around!

Breastfeeding Tea Safety! One of the most common questions we get is: which tea is safe for pregnancy? Yes, there are some common foods, spices, and herbs you should avoid during pregnancy and lactation. We avoid those, too. Birds & Bees Teas Peaceful Pregnancy Tea is specifically blended to be safe during pregnancy and lactation. Yes! This nourishing tea is safe for you for the duration of your pregnancy and beyond.

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