Nectar For The Gods Demeters Destiny Fertilizer, 1-Quart

Nectar For The Gods Demeters Destiny Fertilizer, 1-Quart
Many production problems originate with too much nitrogen and potassium and not enough available calcium and phosphate. Calcium is the "queen-king" of all nutrients, aiding enzymatic action, feeding soil microbes, improving nutrient availability and cell wall integrity, encouraging solid stem growth (vs. hollow in a calcium-deficient situation) and preventing stem breakage. Calcium promotes smooth, sweet, aromatic produce, and generally leads to healthier, more vigorous growth. Demeter's Destiny is Nectar for the Gods' answer to correcting and preventing deficiencies. This special blend offers microbes and root systems balanced forms of calcium, which help to carry all nutrients into the plant except for nitrogen and potassium, including magnesium. Most fertilizers deliver nutrients via a nitrate. Calcium delivery means nutrients are more accessible to your plant, and less likely to be locked out. In the greenhouse and four season gardening industries we find that plant deficiencies are often mis-diagnosed through blanket images and descriptions in trade magazines and literature. We see that the cause of the deficiencies usually stems from an over use of salt based nutrients or the natural decomposition of organic medias such as coir fiber, peat moss or a compost source. We recommend to our gardeners that before you attempt to correct the deficiency do a thorough flush with Herculean Harvest and give your plant a day or two to respond. If leaf curl or leaf twist with a minor tip browning are still occurring then increase the dosage of Demeter's Destiny for multiple feedings or until the problem is resolved.
  • Adds water soluble chelated calcium; chelated calcium phosphate helps to carry all nutrients into the plant except nitrogen and potassium
  • When adequate calcium is present, seed germination and seedling vigor are optimal,and the effects and disease minimal
  • Improves cell wall integrity (is the basis for cell wall structure); solid stems vs; Hollow; helps prevent stem breakage due to heavier (dense) fruit
  • Reduces blossom end rot- promotes vigorous plant growth
  • Helps to "sweeten" the soil ( raises pH)
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