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  • Contains a combination of vitamins and herbs that replace nutrients depleted by stress.
  • Provides time-release formula that gradually releases nutrients throughout the day.
  • Offers only the highest-quality ingredients for maximum potency.
Replace Nutrients Depleted by Stress: Time Released throughout the Day
If you are under a lot of stress, you should consider trying Super Stress Complex. Containing a combination of vitamins and herbs that help replace nutrients depleted by stress, it comes in a time-release tablet that gradually releases nutrients throughout the day. 
Vitamin C provides multiple benefits including increased energy to supplement the energy so often zapped by stress. The vitamin B complex works as coenzymes involved in the production of energy and may be beneficial in relieving depression or anxiety. Inositol is a vitamin known for its calming effect. A deficiency in magnesium may lead to irritability and nervousness.
Contains Additional Antistress Herbs
Super Stress Complex also includes several natural herbal supplements known for their antistress properties. Valerian has been popular in Europe since the 17th century. Research has confirmed valerian’s ability to reduce nervous restlessness and stress-related anxiety. Valerian root has also proven to be an effective sleep aid. 
Skullcap has a 200-year history of use as a mild relaxant. 
Hops have been used for centuries for their sedative effect, aiding in sleep. 
If you need help relieving everyday stress, Super Stress Complex is an all-natural supplement from which you can benefit. You can avoid the potential side effects of prescription medicine yet still benefit from lowered stress and anxiety levels. Our time-release tablet makes these nutrients available to your body throughout the day.

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