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  • Provides 95 percent curcuminoids (475 mg per capsule).
  • Offers a long history of usage with herbalists.
  • Comes from Sabinsa Corporation, the premier producer of turmeric extract.
Turmeric: More than Just a Spice
A member of the ginger family, turmeric is best known as a popular spice for cooking. It is used in curry powders, works as a substitute for saffron, and provides the coloring of mustard. It also has a long history of medicinal use in Chinese and Ayurvedic traditions.
Help for Cholesterol and Immune System
Clinical trials in China have shown that using turmeric as a food seasoning may reduce cholesterol levels. Because of this, the World Health Organization has recommended its use. Scientists have isolated a substance in turmeric called lipopolysaccharide. This substance has shown the ability to stimulate and increase the activity of the immune system. Turmeric also has antifungal properties. 
Scientists are also investigating the active ingredient curcumin in turmeric, which is known to stimulate bile production and helps empty the gallbladder. Other possible uses include protecting the liver, combating inflammation, and eliminating some infections.
While many studies have been done, more are necessary before specific health benefits can be determined.
Choose a Standardized Extract of Turmeric
When choosing a turmeric product, it is important to pick one that is standardized to contain as much of the active ingredient curcumin as possible. Our turmeric extract comes from Sabinsa Corporation, the premier producer of turmeric extract. It is standardized to 95 percent curcuminoids per serving. 
Our curcumin C3 complex is the premier standardized turmeric product on the market. It is meticulously extracted to produce the finest quality available.

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