NUTREOV CAPILEOV Anti Hair Loss Pack of 3 3 x 30 caps

NUTREOV CAPILEOV Anti Hair Loss Pack of 3 3 x 30 caps
This is the unique combination of an extract of Serenoa Repens with 5 Alphablocker complex, potentiated by Zinc and Vitamin B6, which can claim this revolutionary anti-hair loss action, scientifically proven. A genuine concentrate of energy, Nutreov Capileov Anti-Hair loss works in the heart of hair bulb cells, whilst stimulating the cellular genesis wand with a double effect on the one hand on hair loss, and on the other hand on hair thinning. Hair-loss is braked, the growth is stimulated and your hair is revitalized from within. 1 capsule in the morning with a glass of water, for 3 month minimum. Can be used regularly throughout the year, preferably at the time of seasonal changes. Indication: Hair loss, hair thinning
  • Irrespective of the causes for your hair-loss or thinning, Nutreov Capileov Double Action Anti-Hair Loss will help to restart the hair's life cycle, by supporting the regrowth and reinforcing the hair's quality.
  • This food supplement will also stimulate the growth of stronger, more resisting nails.
  • Nutreov Capileov Double Action Anti-Hair Loss 3 x 30 Capsules acts in the heart of hair formation, providing in a single capsule, a unique complex with selected nutrients to optimize cellular metabolism of hair bulb.
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