Nutrafin Calcium Test for Fresh and Saltwater

Nutrafin Calcium Test for Fresh and Saltwater
The Nutrafin Calcium Test Kit allows you to monitor the calcium levels of your aquarium. Marine reef aquariums, especially those containing hard corals and strong growth of coralline algae absorb calcium at a rapid rate, often requiring daily testing to ensure that the calcium levels remain at an optimal level for the aquarium inhabitants. With the Nutrafin Calcium Test, you can easily ensure that your aquarium maintains proper calcium levels, and your fish are living in a healthy environment.
  • Measures calcium levels in fresh or saltwater aquariums
  • Ideal for aquariums containing hard corals
  • Provides a healthy living environment for your fish
  • Allows you to easily test calcium levels
  • Requires daily testing
  • Voted: 1347
  • Brand: Nutrafin
  • Product Code: A7850
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