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2920CH 2.0gpm Earth Showerhead - Pack of 4

The Niagara Conservation N2920CH 2.0 GPM shower head conserves water and saves money while enhancing..



This faucet aerator will limit the maximum flow rate to just 1.5 gallons per minute (measured at 80 ..


1.5gpm HndHld Showerhead Chrm

Formulate a classic look to your bathroom decor by using excellent Niagara Conservation Spray Niagar..


1.5gpm On/Off Flip Aerator - Pack of 6

Change the spray pattern with a quick flip of the finger. Features a 360 degree swivel action for di..


2615CH 1.5gpm Showerhead Tri-M - Pack of 4

Niagara's Tri-Max Showerhead offers three pressure compensated flow rate options: 0.5, 1.0 and 1..

2917CH 1.75gpm Earth Showerhea - Pack of 4 Out Of Stock

2917CH 1.75gpm Earth Showerhea - Pack of 4

The Earth Massage Shower Head - Chrome has become a very popular conservation tool over the past 10 ..


Com. Spray Washer N2180-1.1

This commercial pre-rinse spray value uses a focused spray of water to remove food waste from dishes..

N2515CH 1.5gpm SAVA Showerhd. - Pack of 4 Out Of Stock

N2515CH 1.5gpm SAVA Showerhd. - Pack of 4

Niagara's 1.5 gpm Sava Spa showerhead delivers a broad, rain-like spray from its pressure-compen..


Showerhead 1.5gpm Chrome Adjus - Pack of 4

Three Spray Niagara Earth Fixed Mount Showerhead in Chrome from Niagara Conservation offers ergonomi..


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