Nectar For The Gods TTG Tritons Trawl, 1 Gallon

Nectar For The Gods TTG Tritons Trawl, 1 Gallon
Triton's trawl was our answer to those gardeners out there who believe that we can get mad cow disease from using cattle bones as a nutrient. Although, we know better then that, we thought we would make an offering to those folks. In the test trials of this product we noticed a couple of beneficial things. Enhanced colors and aromas. The cartilage that makes up fish bone is rich in an amino acid that triggers the plants response to generate color and aromas. We then began to incorporate the fish bone with the cattle bone during feedings and noticed favorable results. Bigger fruit size along with the aesthetics that put the fruit on another level. The residual fishbone in the soil becomes a great food source for the microbial field for an extended period of time making the microbes rich in nutrient consumption as well as delivery to the plants.
  • Chelates water soluble nutrients (elements)
  • Helps to reduce fertilizer (salt) build-up
  • Complexes nutrient solutions with the addition of calcium sourced amino acids
  • Reduces the loss of fertilizer availability
  • Encourages flower sites
  • Voted: 1896
  • Brand: Oregons
  • Product Code: 746290
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