Nectar For The Gods HH5 Herculean Harvest, 5 Gallon

-27% Nectar For The Gods HH5 Herculean Harvest, 5 Gallon
Hercules was known for his strength and power: a perfect name for a product that gives your plants just that. Herculean harvest increases the availability of calcium and phosphorus to your plants and soil, producing a wide range of benefits to plant health, structure and flavor, contributing to a vigorous soil food web and improving accessibility of nutrients. The active ingredient in bone meal, calcium phosphate, helps to carry all nutrients to the plant, except for nitrogen and potassium. Calcium is essential for supplying plant growth energy in order to sustain life and growth, and promotes solid stems through stronger cell development. Calcium also increases the cation exchange capacity of soils, making nutrients more available to microbial activity and ultimately to the plant. The addition of herculean harvest to any nutrient line will increase size, aroma and flavor of the plants' fruit. It also aides in washing salt from a potting soil or soilless medium, and can be used as part of a soil flush solution. When growing fruit producing plants we have all been told to spend ten to fourteen days at the end of the plants life cycle flushing out any nutrient flavor that has occurred during the life of the plant. However, we find that this information is misleading. Once a plant is built and designed with a salt based fertilizer and all the cells in the stems, leaves and fruit have been built it is not an easy task to remove that flavor from a plant. Our customers have run many trials and have found that by feeding a calcium based regimen all the way through, with the last five to seven days feeding herculean harvest, Aphrodite's extraction, and Olympus up as a sweetener not only did the quality of fruit improve, but they also saw a yield increase. Plants need that last stage in their lives (fall) to translocate all the sugars that they worked so hard to make through photosynthesis during their life span and relocate them into the fruit.
  • Increases the cation exchange capacity of soils
  • Calcium phosphate is the central ion which generates the energy in which all nutrients enter the plant, except for nitrogen
  • Increases availability of calcium and phosphorus
  • Aromatic, full flavor produce
  • Ultra-Fine; no grit or sand
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  • Brand: Oregons
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