Nectar For The Gods Aphrodites Extraction Fertilizer, 2.5-Gallon

Nectar For The Gods Aphrodites Extraction Fertilizer, 2.5-Gallon
Aphrodite's Extraction provides a rich blend of sucrose, glucose and phosphate to promote a thriving microbial population and strong, healthy plant growth. In addition to calcium, microbes need carbon in order to manufacture complex proteins for normal growth and reproduction: low carbon equals low microbial activity. Sucrose is one of the most available forms of carbon for a plant. When sucrose and glucose are blended with proteins, it becomes a microbial feast. Customers who use Aphrodite's Extraction have experienced dramatic flavor improvements when applying it in the last weeks of the plant's life cycle. The addition of sugar and calcium from complimentary Nectar products, allows the plant to process more sugars to improve its ability to procreate. Try using Aphrodite's Extraction for compost tea brewing: it makes an excellent food source for a microbial rich tea.
  • Carbon connection, a very important part of the growth cycle of all plants; adds carbon, a much needed nutrient in organic soils
  • Promotes beneficial microorganisms; such as mycorrhiza fungi
  • Supplies organic acids; a much needed nutrient for enzymatic activity
  • Adds simple sugars for nutrient chelation and uptake
  • Contains vitamins a, d, c, e, b1, b6 and b12; vitamins increases the plants biological growth process
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  • Brand: Oregons Only
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