Luna Bean -XL- Family Size Keepsake Hands Casting KIT | Clasped Gr...

Luna Bean -XL- Family Size Keepsake Hands Casting KIT | Clasped Gr...

Luna Bean -XL- Family Size Keepsake Hands Casting KIT | Clasped Group Hand Holding & Molding Kit (Cast up to 6 Hands)

With MORE THAN DOUBLE THE MATERIALS of our Standard kit you will be able to cast up to 6 hands with this extra large kit! What is involved? Those involved in the casting will be required to maintain the casting bucket for about 2-5 minutes. You will not need to be completely motionless the entire time, but you will not be able to leave your position in the casting bucket. Although one person can do it, we recommend that there are 2 people available to assist with the casting process. You will need a small table or stool that can be accessed easily and comfortably from all sides. Other than that, you need water, some mixing bowls, large spoons and the willingness to possibly get a little messy. Included in the Kit: Create-A-Mold molding powder, plaster casting stone, durable reusable bucket, sanding screen, de-molding stick, demolding spook, detailing pin, sanding paper, directions, link to online photo directions.
  • Include the ENTIRE FAMILY - Cast 2-3 adults, OR 2 adults with up to 4 children (ages 12 and under). MORE THAN DOUBLE THE MATERIALS of our Large kit! 3lbs of Step 1 and 5.5 lbs of Step 2
  • This clasped style casting is an incredible experience with BEAUTIFUL RESULTS
  • UNIQUE molding process creates an exact replica with fingerprint detail. Our custom formula alginate molding material will capture every precious detail while keeping high strength.
  • Preserve Every Precious Detail! Create LIFE-LONG MEMORIES to share with you loved ones and friends. CELEBRATE anniversaries, weddings, friendship, family and loved ones of all sizes and ages.
  • High quality DO-IT-YOURSELF kit with detailed instructions. Bucket dimensions: 10 inches tall and 10 inches in diameter. KEEPSAKE GUARANTEE - If your casting does not turn out, send us a photo and we will work with you on a solution [if sold by TDG Direct].
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