MOR 90 Ft. Grey Rope Caulk B2 - Pack of 4

Out Of Stock MOR 90 Ft. Grey Rope Caulk B2 - Pack of 4

Mortite Rope Caulk is putty in a roll. It can be applied around the edges of windows to reduce uncontrolled air infiltration and exfiltration, help reduce moisture condensation, and to seal against dust, dirt, and insects. It is installed by simply pressing it into place with your fingers. Easily applied, self adhering, yet easy to remove. Rope caulk is an especially good option for apartment residents. One roll consists of 90 linear feet of caulking cord, which is generally suitable for sealing 6 average-sized windows.

Color: Gray.

Origin: United States

Note: Mortite Rope Caulk is a non-returnable item.

Item No EFI-3500.9

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  • Brand: Mortite
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