MIXC 100PCS Drip Emitters Fan Shape with Stake Water Flow Adjustab...

MIXC 100PCS Drip Emitters Fan Shape with Stake Water Flow Adjustab...

MIXC 100PCS Drip Emitters Fan Shape with Stake Water Flow Adjustable for 1/4 inch Irrigation Tube Hose, 360 Degree Sprayer Perfect for Irrigation System Watering Kits for Garden Patio Lawn Flower Bed

Features of these drip emitters with stake:
*Ajustable water flow rate from 0-25 gallons-per-hours
*Ajustable spray diameter from 0 to 10 feet
*Height increase to 7 inches, higher than other products

How many heads can be installed on a single 1/2 inch line?
This depends on the line pressure, the further from the start of the line the water pressure will drop off. Adjust the flow rate of every emitter to ensure that all of them have water.

How to add these emitters to my exist watering system?
Create your lateral lines(1/4 inch tubing and couplings) BEFORE hooking them up to the main line. You also can punch a hole in the main line and insert the emitter to it directly.

Please Note That:
Make sure the hose is softened before connecting. Soak end of 1/4" tubing into HOT water before attaching to the drip emitter. I would recommend filling a thermos with boiling water to dip your 1/4" hose into as you assemble your lines.

Product Parameters:
Material: PE plastic
Height: 7inch
Spray distance: 0 to 10 feet
Water flow range: 0-25G/H
Pressure: 0.1-0.2mpa

100PCS x Emitters

  • Max water flow rate of our drip emitters is 25 gallons-per-hour, suitable for lawn, garden, flower beds, vegetable gardens, herbs gardens, etc. Especially for large garden.
  • Height 18cm/7inch, compared to the market, our drip emitters stakes have increased by 2 inches, which will make it more stable to fix in place.
  • Spray diameter from 0 to 10 feet. Flexible adjustable water flow while using, no matter you want it larger, smaller, or turn off. Our drip emitters can achieve what you need.
  • These drip emitters are ONLY suitable for 1/4 inch irrigation tube with 4mm inner diameter, also can be inserted to a 1/2 inch or larger irrigation tube directly. Make sure soak the end of hose by hot water before connecting.
  • Common matching accessories have 1/4 inch couplings and barbed tees. These drip emitters are detachable and very easy to clean. Don't worry about clogging.
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