Miracle LED 604734 7 Watt Super Bug Light, Bug Free Porch and Pati...

-11% Miracle LED 604734 7 Watt Super Bug Light, Bug Free Porch and Pati...
From the Land of 10,000 Lakes...and even more bugs! Look no further for a super-sized breakthrough in pest control technology. The 7W MiracleLED Super Bug Light 2 Pack combines time-proven, chemical-free bug deterrent methods with money-saving LED technology. Perfect for busy suburbs or secluded cabins alike, this super-powered 395 Lumen bulb has NEARLY TWICE THE BRIGHTNESS AND "NON BUG ATTRACTING POWER" of the original! Fully light your entryways and porches for pennies a year and bring safety to your yard without disturbing the night's ambience. Bugs and their primary food sources love heat and UV light -- So we designed a bulb that produces neither! No harsh "Street Lamp appearance" here either, as the light emitted from this bulb is invisible to bugs but beautiful to you and I. Get Huge Energy Savings replacing 60, 75W bulbs with this 7W MiracleLED -- up to $66 a year off your energy bill by replacing just one bulb! All this with our most affordable pricing produces big savings when buying this 2 pack. LED chip technology is safer and more efficient because it's manufactured with no Mercury or Lead, has an instant start, is instantly bright, and SAVES ENERGY. Trust MiracleLED, as one of the pioneers of LED Development, to provide safe, efficient, and eco-friendly bulbs that benefit both yourself and the environment. Technical Specifications: 2000 Kelvin Color Temperature; Standard E26 Medium Household Base; 20,000 Hour Estimated Lifespan; $0.84 Estimated Annual Energy Cost.
  • Produces virtually NO HEAT -- Does not attract bugs or moths
  • Fully light your entryways and porches without disturbing the night's ambience
  • Save up to $66 per year replacing 60 and 75 Watt bulbs
  • Specially designed Yellow light with NO UV is invisible to bugs but pleasing to humans
  • Light up your driveway or yard and bring safety to your home for just pennies a year
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  • Brand: MiracleLED
  • Product Code: 604734
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