Polymer Clay Kit, Ultra Soft & Stretchable Baking Molding Clay- 24...

-36% Polymer Clay Kit, Ultra Soft & Stretchable Baking Molding Clay- 24...

Polymer Clay Kit, Ultra Soft & Stretchable Baking Molding Clay- 24 Color Blocks with Bonus Tools, Accessories and Easy Storage Box - DIY Modeling Magic Clay Kit for Kids/Adults

We have specifically designed our polymer clay kit to be compatible with, and able to be used by all audiences. The tools are safe and simple enough for a child to use - however our kit is extensive, and has enough accessories and large colored clay for an advanced sculptor or adult! With this it makes for a great treat to yourself or universal gift.

Polymer Clay Kit Include:

  • 24 colored polymer clay blocks

  • 1 portable plastic storage box

  • 5 pcs wooden shaping tools

  • Accessories With Bonus Molding Manual [Phone chain, keychain, ring, brooch, earrings and much more]

Extra Handling Tips:

  • Bake polymer clay in a room with ventilation

  • Our plastic container is reusable and can be used to store tools and clay

Three Heating Methods:

✔ Oven Bake:

  • Place onto a foil sheet or ceramic tile and into the center of a household oven that is preheated to 248-266 F (120-130 C) for 15 minutes

  • Baking time may vary according to clay thickness

  • Allow 15 minutes per ¼ inch (6mm) thickness

  • After baking allow creation to cool

✔ Hair Blower Heating (suitable for works sizing 1-2 inch):

  • Put the work into a paper box and use a hair blower for 3-5 minutes until hardened

✔ Boil Method (suitable for works sizing 1/3 inch):

  • Put the work on a plate and in cold water until the water is boiling

  • Keep boiling for 10-20 minutes

  • Take out after water is cool

Bring your new creations to life while enjoying quality time with your friends and family!

  • QUALITY- Our 24 colorful clay blocks are produced to be the highest quality available on the market, made out of soft to the touch and flexible materials. They are residue free, and environmentally friendly / non toxic. This complete polymer clay kit makes for an ideal gift for your kids and friends or excellent treat to yourself.
  • EASY TO USE- Designed to be easy to use for everyone, and commonly referred to as kids modeling clay or baking clay, our polymer clay kit is the ideal arts and crafts activity for kids and adults alike! Simply oven bake, boil or even use a hair dryer to harden your creation. All instructions are included with each kit.
  • BONUS ACCESSORIES- With each Polymer clay kit we have included a portable, compact, and convenient plastic storage container where everything can be stored and easily transported. Inside you will find 5 durable, and children safe wooden clay tools to help mold your oven bake clay to create amazing sculptures with eloquent finishes on your creation! Along with all this we have also included some small ACCESSORIES to create your very own phone chain, key chain, ring, earrings and much more!
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEE- Our polymer kit comes with a 100% money back guarantee- We stand behind each and every product MerchantCo offers to match the reputation of our company, and with that extend a quality promise! Satisfaction guaranteed.
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