Tea Tree Shampoo for Moderate Dandruff with Argan, Jojoba and Orga...

Tea Tree Shampoo for Moderate Dandruff with Argan, Jojoba and Orga...
Why Tea Tree Oil Shampoo? Tea Tree shampoo takes advantage of a synergistic formula which works to solve the root problems which are the cause of dandruff. Made of the most organic and mild ingredients, the shampoo which holds our signature formula is great for all hair types, especially those sensitive to SLS or other detergents/sulfates of that degree.

The Formula/Benefits: Tea Tree: Contains over 98 all-natural compounds in safe quantities to clear dead skin cells from the hair follicles and combat dandruff.

Lavender: Softens blemishes resulting from dry scalp, prevents infections with antiseptic/analgesic properties and promotes rapid healing while reducing scarring with cytophylactic properties.

Rosemary works to stimulate the cell renewal of the hair follicles as the tea tree simultaneously clears out the dead ones. By regulating oil secretions and increasing circulation, Rosemary will aid in leaving your hair smooth and refreshed.

Rosemary: Rich in verbenone to stimulate cell renewal while the tea tree oil clears out the dead ones. In addition, Rosemary stimulates new hair growth and improves circulation.

Jojoba and Argan Oils: They provide hair shine/fullness and scalp smoothness. These give the shampoo moisturizing conditioner properties.

Botanical Keratin: Naturally derived botanical keratin plays an important role in restoring healthy hair. Frizzy and damaged hair may stem from a lack of keratin, which this ingredient generously replenishes.

The Holistic Promise

Maple Holistics Tea Tree shampoo uses only the purest organic ingredients for oil treatment. Reducing the shedding of dead skin cell, aromatically energizing, and scalp smoothness replenishment are only some of the benefits this shampoo is guaranteed to provide.
  • Clears out old skin cells from hair to stimulate new hair growth
  • SLS free, Organic, and preservative-free formula
  • Natural Treatment for Dandruff and frizzy hair
  • Stimulate the cell renewal of the hair follicles with Organic Tea Tree, Spikenard, Rosemary and Phyto Keratin
  • Argan and Jojoba oil - Contains NOP (National Organic Program) certified and USDA organic ingredients
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  • Brand: Maple Holistics
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