Makita 3 Piece - SDS-Plus Chisel & Bull Point Bit Set for SDS+ Rot...

-13% Makita 3 Piece - SDS-Plus Chisel & Bull Point Bit Set for SDS+ Rot...

Makita 3 Piece - SDS-Plus Chisel & Bull Point Bit Set for SDS+ Rotary Hammers - Aggressive Demolition for Concrete & Tile - Carbide Tipped Bits

Our Exclusive 3 Piece, Hardened, cold steel forged SDS+ Point, Scaling & Flat Chisel Set provide unmatched DURABILITY, PERFORMANCE AND RELIABILITY for concrete and masonry demolition and surface conditioning. Includes 3 sturdy protective sleeves for safekeeping.
  • ✅ Makita's 3-Piece SDS-Plus DEMOLITION BIT Set for SDS+ Rotary Hammers with dedicated 3 Premium, Long-Lasting, Heavy-Duty, Tungsten Carbide Point, Flat Chisel & Scaling Chisel for EASY Demolition into all your Masonry, Concrete, Brick, Tile & Cinder Block applications
  • ✅ 3 Piece SDS+ Set includes: 1 Point Bit 10" Long + 1 Flat Chisel Bit 10" Long x 0.8" Wide + 1 Scaling Chisel Bit 10" Long x 1.57" Wide | Engineered in Japan for optimal use with Makita SDS-Plus Rotary Hammer while also fully compatible with All SDS-Plus Rotary Hammers
  • ✅ EASILY Demolish concrete, brick, and masonry LONGER & MORE PRECISELY with Makita's HARDENED, Single, Cold-Steel Piece Bits with industry-leading Tungsten Carbide & Steel Bit Integrity for unmatched LONG LIFE, SAFE Chiseling & RELIABLE Demolition | Each Premium Makita bit is uniquely forged and heat-treated, designed for chipping, scaling and large area surface removal
  • ✅ AVOID LOWER PRICED & lower quality Chisel and Point bits that prematurely wear and strain the powertool, resulting in high bit consumption rate, project completion delays, ineffective demolishing and making the overall chiseling much more difficult | Makita's Single-Piece Chisels are heat-treated and forged for unmatched STRENGTH and LONGEVITY, with its sharp edge design for MAXIMUM masonry impact
  • ✅ Makita's Point Chisel demolishes and starts holes in concrete slabs, brick, mortar, slate, masonry, and all different types of stones | Makita's Flat Chisel edges, chips, scales or channels concrete, stone, masonry and brick | Makita's Scaling Chisel removes scale, rust, concrete, masonry, brick, stone and weld spatter or removes LARGE quantities of material
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