Magic Leaf BotoLift Moisturizing Day Cream,1 Ounce

Magic Leaf BotoLift Moisturizing Day Cream,1 Ounce

Magic Leaf's Botolift Moisturizing Day Cream - For Wrinkle Reduction On The Run

If you wear makeup, you need to protect yourself from the skin-drying effects of certain key ingredients. Botolift Day Cream is the perfect anti-wrinkle solution for a busy woman who's always on the run and needs to look her best, before heading to a meeting, family dinner, or even just a night out. A powerful moisturizer, Botolift Day Cream will still work its magic when applied beneath makeup, making it the perfect anti-wrinkle cream for day use.

How BotoLift Freshens Your Face The Natural Way?

Scientists have long understood how the aging process affects the skin. As you get older, your skin dries out, and gradually this process results in the depletion of collagen and other proteins responsible for regulating skin texture, which leads to wrinkles.

Some people get wrinkles earlier than others, but everyone gets them eventually. So, the key to getting rid of wrinkles is to provide your skin with the hydration it needs, as well as to give it the natural ingredients needed for a healthy, youthful appearance. By replenishing your skin with moisturizing agents and rejuvenating proteins, BotoLift can leave you a smooth, sultry skin that just screams youth and vitality.

Apply this magic cream daily for long term results. Order now and discover the Magic Leaf difference!

  • NEW 'BOTOLIFT' DAY SERUM: A natural and botanical moisturizing cream
  • ANTI-AGING AND ANTI-WRINKLE CREAM: Botolift completely nourishes the skin with its herbal ingredients, for a refreshing and rejuvenating look
  • CONTAINS MORE THAN 20 NATURAL ESSENTIAL OILS AND EXTRACTS: These includes green tea, cucumber, watermelon, jojoba oil, apricot oil, and many others
  • A POWERFUL SKIN RENEWAL CREAM: It keeps the skin hydrated throughtout the day
  • MADE IN USA: Guaranteed to be made with USA standards for quality and safety.
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  • Brand: Magic Leaf
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