Lutron Wireless Occ Sensor

Lutron Wireless Occ Sensor
This Lutron Maestro Radio Powr Savr occupancy/vacancy sensor works with other Radio Powr Savr components to save energy in a variety of spaces. It is compatible with incandescent, magnetic low-voltage, electronic low-voltage, non-dimmed fluorescent, non-dimmed LED, and general purpose fan models.
To use, install a Lutron Radio Powr Savr wall switch (sold separately) just like any other wall switch. Then, with no wiring required, install on the ceiling one, two, or three of these Radio Powr Savr occupancy/vacancy sensors. You won t have to think about turning lights on or off anymore. This Lutron Radio Powr Savr occupancy/vacancy sensor will automatically turn on the lights every time you enter a room, and turn them off after you have left.
In a large facility, up to 10 wall switches may be installed in conjunction with one Radio Powr Savr sensor. Being wireless, the sensor may be easily relocated for optimum placement, and it includes a 10 year battery. The color is white.
  • Electrical Specifications: 120 VAC, 60Hz

Item No EFI-5010.826

  • Voted: 6538
  • Brand: Lutron
  • Product Code: EFI-5010.826
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