Lutron Maestro Wireless Appliance Module MRF2-15APS-1

Lutron Maestro Wireless Appliance Module MRF2-15APS-1
Let Lutron turn vampire loads off for you when the room is vacant - and avoid wasting energy. Lutron s Maestro® Wireless Plug-In Module offers an excellent combination of energy savings and convenience without sacrificing aesthetics. Plug-in the appliance module into a wall socket, and an electrical device into the module. The plug-in module will receive a signal from other sensors, switches, or keypads to conveniently turn off the connected item as needed. If a Lutron vacancy sensor is in the room, for instance, you could insure that a printer turns off when no one is present, or if you have a Lutron daylight sensor, you can see that desk lamps are off when the room has sufficient natural light.
The switch has a 30 range, and can be hidden discretely behind furniture.
  • Electrical Specifications: 120 volts AC 60 Hz
  • Typical power consumption: 0.3 W(with loads off)
  • Minimum Load: No minimum load requirement
  • Maximum Load: 15 A general purpose
  • Motor rating : 1/2 HP
  • Origin: China
Note: This control requires Lutron Maestro Wireless controls to function. See other recommended products for the selection.

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