Luster Leaf 1880 Rapitest Electronic 4-Way Analyzer

Luster Leaf 1880 Rapitest Electronic 4-Way Analyzer
Measures four different levels for fertilizer, light, moisture and pH. Includes instructions and guides for all four measuring levels. • Instantly tells you the fertility of your soil • Measures the light intensity in footcandles • Instantly tells you when to water your plants by measuring the moisture level • Instantly tells you how acid or alkaline your soil is by measuring the pH level
  • Measures soil pH, fertility, moisture and sunlight
  • Light function designed exclusively to measure sunlight used by plants
  • Exclusive 3 probe system
  • Designed and engineered In the USA
  • NOTE: this meter for soil testing only and will not function in liquid
  • Voted: 5025
  • Brand: Luster Leaf
  • Product Code: 1880
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $35.53



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