Leca Clay Orchid/Hydroponic Grow Media - 1 lb.

Leca Clay Orchid/Hydroponic Grow Media - 1 lb.
Up for your owning is 1 pound of New and never used... * Clean and dust free * Strong pebble structure doesn't crush * Color packaging * 8-16mm pebble size range clay pebbles are made of 100% natural clay. is inert, pH-neutral, clean and at the same time, decorative. THIS IS THE PERFECT POTTING MEDIUM TO USE FOR MANY PLANTS GROWING ANYWHERE- YOU WILL HAVE THE MOST MAGNIFICENT RESULTS USING THIS GROWING MEDIUM WITH YOUR PLANTS.
  • For Hydrophonics - Ensures good root aeration and prevents rotting, excess acidity and soil pests.
  • Made of 100% natural clay. Pebbles are of uniform, round shape. Inert, pH-neutral, clean and decorative.
  • Approximately fills: twelve 2" pots, or four 3" pots, or one 5" pot.
  • 8-16mm range size.
  • Porosity creates excellent air and water exchange
  • It can be used and reused for many years
  • Voted: 1001
  • Brand: L2SM
  • Product Code: B004IAHZZQ
  • Availability: In Stock
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