Ladbrooke 6-Pc. Deluxe Essentials Complete Soil Block Making Set...

Ladbrooke 6-Pc. Deluxe Essentials Complete Soil Block Making Set...
The Ladbrooke 6-Pc. Deluxe "Essentials" Set includes: Maxi 4" soil block maker, Mini 4 2" soil block maker, Micro 20 3/4" soil block maker, set of 4 Cubic Inserts, 1" Seed Pins, and Grow Tweezer. These are the core soil blocking tools used worldwide for making soil blocks for successfully staring seeds of all kinds. It is a perfect starter set, great for the novice as well and the experienced gardener. Soil blocks are fun and easy to make. Comes with instruction sheet on how to make soil blocks. Soil blocking provides a high rate of germination and are one of the most eco-friendly products available.
  • The Ladbrooke complete and deluxe set of soil blocker tools
  • Includes: Ladbrooke Maxi, Mini 4, Micro 20, Cube Inserts, !" Seed Pins, 1 Grow Tweezer
  • Environmentally friendly, used extensively in Europe for starting seeds.
  • Perfect gift for any serious gardener. Organic gardeners love these!
  • Perfect Way to Start Seeds. Ladbrooke quality is durable and will last for many years!
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  • Brand: Ladbrooke
  • Product Code: B00PJCK2RU
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