Laa Clays WED Clay EM-217 - 50lbs

Laa Clays WED Clay EM-217 - 50lbs

Laa Clay's WED Clay (EM-217) - 50lbs

Originally developed for use in sculpting Disney's animatronics models , WED (Walter E. Disney) clay is an extremely versatile water based clay with properties similar to many of today's most popular oil based clays. It's smooth, slow drying, extremely pliable, and works great for sculptors seeking a "fast sculpt" medium. WED clay is still commonly used by professionals in the entertainment industry for masks, modeling, mockup, and large scale sculptures. Like any water based clay, WED clay needs to be kept moist, preferably with a spray bottle or a damp towel. Saran wrap is also commonly used.
  • Water Based
  • Smooth and Extremely Pliable
  • Dries Slowly
  • Used in The Special Effects and Motion Picture Industry
  • Color: Gray
  • Voted: 114
  • Brand: Laguna Clay
  • Product Code: 4469344
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $106.20



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