Irrigation Fittings Kit for 1/2 Drip Tubing - 6 Tees, 6 Couplings...

Irrigation Fittings Kit for 1/2 Drip Tubing - 6 Tees, 6 Couplings...

Irrigation Fittings Kit for 1/2" Drip Tubing - 6 Tees, 6 Couplings, 6 Ends, 2 Elbows - Barbed Connectors (Fits Most Brands, Rain Bird 16mm .520 ID and Compatible Drip or Sprinkler Systems

Every drip irrigation system depends on reliable, leak-free connection fittings to keep the system together. Your 20-Piece One Stop Outdoor Irrigation Fittings Kit contains: 6 Tees - (three-way connector). 6 Couplings - (Create two way connections of poly tubing or dripline). 2 Elbows - Perfect for making exact corners or 90 degree turns. 6 - Figure Eight Line End Closures - Used to plug the end of your poly tubing. Product Specifications: For connecting emitterline and polyethylene tubing Use with 16mm emitterline and distribution tubing. One piece construction UV resistant high impact plastic Secure and easy installation without glue or clamps Operating pressure: up to 30 PSI Installation Tips: Push the tubing as far ver the barbed ends as possible. It should be a very secure fit. It should be nearly impossible (relatively speaking) to pull the tubing back off by hand. It is recommended to let the tubing heat up in the sun before installation to soften and make it more maneuverable. If your system runs at a high PSI (over 25psi) you may want to consider regulating pressure or using clamps over the fittings to be sure you will not have any blow outs or leaking issues.
  • SIZE: Fits all major brands of tubing 1/2", 16mm - Approximately .520 ID Range
  • MATERIAL: High Impact Plastic Construction, UV Resistant.
  • INCLUDES: 20 piece value kit - 6 Tee's - 2 Elbows, 6 Couplings, 6 Figure 8 Ends
  • USE: Easy Install - Use these durable irrigation fittings to your connect 1/2" drip irrigation tubing. Press the fitting into the end of your 16mm drip tubing.
  • SIMPLE TO INSTALL: Secure and easy installation without glue, tools, or clamps. Simply push the tubing firmly over the barbs for a very tight fit that won't leak. If desired you may use a heat or blow dryer to soften the end of the tubing before inserting. *PLEASE NOTE* - To prevent leaks or blowouts please ensure that the incoming pressure does not exceed 30PSI. These fittings are designed to fit 1/2" Inch, 16mm drip tubing .520 ID, if the tubing you are using is larger it can cause leaks!
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