iPower GLT5XXPANL4T4 4-Feet 6400K T5 Grow Light Fixture for Indoor...

iPower GLT5XXPANL4T4 4-Feet 6400K T5 Grow Light Fixture for Indoor...

iPower GLT5XXPANL4T4 4-Feet 6400K T5 Grow Light Fixture for Indoor Plants High Output Fluorescent Tubes, 4 Lamps, White

The bulbs included with this T5 fixture are 6,400K color temperature which are most beneficial to plant that either have just started to sprout or are already growing. But if your plants are already in their blooming stages of their growth then you can replace these with 3,000K bulbs to give the plants warmer light that is better suited for flowering.
T5 grow light possesses reflectors that are able to reflect about 95% of all emitted light back to the plants making this fixture more efficient. Two switches allow you to turn on only 2 of the four bulbs at a time, giving you the option to variate the light output. The daisy chain feature that allows you to plug together multiple T5 lights and power them all from one outlet so you don’t have a clutter of wires taking up space in your indoors gardening space.
  • BRIGHTER T5 LAMPS: Shine 20,000 Lumens down onto your - All iPower T5 florescent tubes are HO (High-Output) tubes, which produce far more lumens than standard or HE tubes. Rated wattage: 216
  • DUAL SWITCHES FOR SPECIALIZED SPECTRUMS: iPower T5 grow light fixture comes with 2 on/off switches allowing more flexible control over your system
  • STURDY AND STEALTHY PACKAGING: This T5 fixture comes with 2 hanging cables connected to each corner and an 10' grounded power cord, all fixtures come fully equipped with 6400K florescent tubes of corresponding quantity and size
  • ULTRA-REFLECTIVE SURFACE DELIVERS MORE LIGHT FOR LESS ENERGY: The reflector returns 95% of your grow light bulbs' light back to your plants and herbs with wider coverage
  • LONG-LASTING LIGHT: All bulbs are rated for 20,000 hours of use under ideal conditions. We offer 2-year warranty for this grow light fixture
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  • Brand: iPower
  • Product Code: GLT5XXPANL4T4
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