Intermatic 156T4042A Fireman Switch for Pool/Spa Heater

Intermatic 156T4042A Fireman Switch for Pool/Spa Heater
The Intermatic 156PA13713A is a heater control (fireman) switch kit. This model is specifically designed for control of a pool/spa filter pump and heater; it turns OFF a heater before the filter pump shuts down. This provides lengthier lifespan of the heater by eliminating the knocking and pounding caused by overheated water. Also, this heater control decreases lime deposits and scale.
  • Used to control pool/spa heater
  • Designed to turn OFF a gas fire pool/spa heater
  • Reduces scale and lime deposits
  • Extends the heater service life
  • Eliminates the problem of pounding and knocking due to overheated water
  • Voted: 4321
  • Brand: Intermatic
  • Product Code: 156T4042A
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