Humboldt Nutrients NB405 Master B , 32-Ounce

Humboldt Nutrients NB405 Master B , 32-Ounce
We would all like to master something in our lifetime. If you are looking for a professional 2-Part Premium Base Nutrient Program that outperforms the competition, you're looking for our award-winning Master A and Master B. We harvested the brightest minds from Humboldt County and sat them down with the most accomplished and innovative scientists to develop this vigorous, non-toxic program for use on any plant, in any medium. Master A and Master B excel in all soils, coco, and peat based soilless mixes due to their ability to maintain a lower overall salt index. Humboldt Nutrients Master A&B is a premium two-part fertilizer program designed for all plants made with non-toxic, high quality ingredients. Humboldt Nutrients has formulated this vigorous 2-part nutrient solution for use on any plant, in any growing medium and contains no EDTA’s. The Humboldt Nutrients team of chemists and agronomists emphasize balance and consistency with all our formulas. Master A and Master B are formulated to provide your favorite plants with higher absorption of nutrients, vitamins, minerals and trace elements. The Master A and Master B series stands apart from your standard base nutrient line by making macro and micro nutrients more available to your plant. Used in conjunction with Humboldt Nutrients’ powerful additives we assure that your yields and quality will increase so dramatically that your friends will call you, simply, “The Master.”
  • Professional 2-part premium nutrient program
  • Vigorous, non-toxic program for use on any plant
  • For use in any growing medium
  • Maintains a lower overall salt index
  • Master b is 1-5-6 formulation
  • Voted: 366
  • Brand: Hydrofarm, Inc.
  • Product Code: HNMB405
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $52.07



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