Hoss Tools Drip Tape 15 mil Irrigation Kit for Vegetable Gardens...

Hoss Tools Drip Tape 15 mil Irrigation Kit for Vegetable Gardens...

Hoss Tools Drip Tape (15 mil) Irrigation Kit for Vegetable Gardens | Two 750 ft. Rolls | Fittings for 20 Rows

Our 15 mil Drip Tape Irrigation Kit contains everything you need to water your vegetable garden the most effective and environmentally-friendly way. 15 mil tape is twice as thick as 8 mil tape and will last for at least five years. Use less water while watering more effectively. This is because you are only placing water directly where your plants need it - at the roots. Because you're not watering the leaves or empty spaces between rows, disease, pest and weed pressure will be greatly reduced. *Connects to 3/4″ water hose or 3/4″ spigot. Requires a flow rate between 0.4 to 8 gallons per minute *For a flow rate of 5 gallons per minute, our Drip Tape can support 1,250 feet of Drip Tape. Use this ratio to determine how many feet your well/water system can support. 8 mil Drip Tape Irrigation Kit Includes: 2 - 750 ft. Drip Tape Roll - 15 mil thickness with emitters spaced every 12". 1 - 100 ft. Mainline Tubing Roll - 5/8″ diameter supply line that feeds individual drip tape lines. 1 - Filter Regulator Combo - includes brass swivel that attaches to 3/4" water hose or spigot, filter with removable screen, 12 PSI pressure regulator, and hose swivel that attaches to mainline tubing. 1 - Hole Punch - create holes in mainline tubing for drip tape row starts. 1 - Mainline Tee - split mainline tubing into separate lines. 2 - Figure 8 End Clamps - clamp ends of mainline tubing. 2 - Mainline Couplings - connect two pieces of mainline tubing. 20 - Drip Tape Row Starts - use at beginning of each row. 20 - Drip Tape Row Ends - use at end of each row. 4 - Drip Tape Couplings - connect two pieces of drip tape. 10 - Goof Plugs - plug old holes in mainline tubing.
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