Honeywell TH 141-HC-28-B/U lo

Out Of Stock Honeywell TH 141-HC-28-B/U lo
Heat and Cooling 7-Day Programmable Thermostat with automatic changeover between heating and cooling. Selectable temperature control - gives thermostat flexibility to control a range of heating and cooling systems and applications. Auto and manual fan control. Comfort, economy and vacation presets - enable temperature changes at the touch of a button. Armchair Programming - convenient Programming by removing faceplate from base. Precise LCD - shows room temperature in increments of 0.1-Degree Celsius or 0.1-Degree Fahrenheit, Ideal for: * Radiant or convection electrical heating system * Circulator control in a hot water system * Electrical hot air furnace * Hot air, gas or fuel conventional furnace and Air-conditioning system * 7-day, up to 4-time periods, 2-temps per day. Selectable 12 or 24-hour format * Degree Celsius or Degree Fahrenheit * Low battery indicator gives 60-day warning to replace battery (2 'AA' batteries required)
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  • Brand: Aube Technologies
  • Product Code: EFI-5000.59
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