Homegrown Gourmet Harvest Kitchen Cart

Homegrown Gourmet Harvest Kitchen Cart
The Homegrown Gourmet Harvest Kitchen Cart has everything you need to grow and serve your favorite foods. The perfect workstation in the kitchen, it features a removable cutting board for prep, a self-watering herb station and herb snips. Casters provide for easily maneuverability around the kitchen, or from kitchen to table. You'll find a million uses for this ingenious cart. Use for tableside carving of roasts and more; the cutting board features a deep well to catch all the juices and drippings, keeping your tables and counters clean. Generously sized for the demands of the hard-working chef, yet compact enough to slide out of the way in the nearest closet or pantry. Homegrown Gourmet has made the art of growing and preparing your own meals a breeze! All Homegrown Gourmet Products are designed to help you live a wholesome lifestyle, centered around growing, serving and storing homegrown produce. Whether you're an expert gardener or a novice at growing your own produce, Homegrown Gourmet has exactly what you need to get growing! From innovative growing containers to herb drying stations and extra deep colanders for washing to their brilliant savor cubes for storing your edibles, Homegrown Gourmet Products has incredible options for those individuals that want to grow more food at home. Homegrown Gourmet believes growing food, restoring health and a wholesome community go hand in hand and it all starts with you. That is why they have developed Project Restore a Wholesome Future; through the purchase of Homegrown Gourmet Products, a fire station, a school and other community organizations receive the resources to work together to grow nutritious gardens to support neighborhood families.
  • Kitchen to table cart with self-watering herb planter, removable cutting board and herb snips
  • Grow and prepare your own produce; the perfect mobile station to move from kitchen to table
  • The perfect height to work without the need to stoop; cart features casters to easily maneuver around the kitchen
  • Use for tableside carving of roasts and more; cutting board features deep well to catch juice and keep things clean
  • Easy to put together the kitchen cart assembly is 98% tool-free; wrench included for minimal required assembly
  • $155.99



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