Light Bulbs

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23w TCP Eco$ave Spiral 1ES2348

This 23 watt TCP "soft white" EcoSave CFL is designed to replace a conventional 100 watt incandescen..


4.5w LSG Globe 27k - Pack of 2

This LSG 4.5-Watt (60-watt) globe G16-1/2 dimmable LED light bulb with E12 base and warm white color..


4.5w LSG Globe 27k 3pk

This LSG 4.5-Watt (60-watt) globe G16-1/2 dimmable LED light bulb with E12 base and warm white color..


Access Lite 20662-13WLEDD-BS/O

Size: 16-feet Diameter, Finish: Brushed Steel, Glass: Opal, Light Bulb: (3)60w A19 Med F Incand CUL ..


Enduraled dimmable candle b11 candelabra base 3w 120v

EnduraLED Dimmable Candle LED lamp provides smooth dimming and decorative, energy-saving ambience. T..


.5w Satco C7 Clr RB S9156 - Pack of 4

Satco warm white candle LED light; sign bulbs; indicator; nightlights; decorative; S9156 0.5 watt LE..


14w LED Par30 Dim 40 beam 30k

SAVE 84% INSTANTLY - Cut down your electricity bill by up to 84% by replacing 65W with 12W! 45,000..


TCP 14w G25 Two-Pack 8060142 - Pack of 2

TCP, one of the largest manufacturers of compact fluorescent lamps in the world, now offers their hi..


13w TCP 33113SP 27K GU24 - Pack of 4

GU24 light bulbs do not have the usual screw base, but instead have two bayonets protruding from the..


14w Phillips Bug-A-Way 8K Hrs.

Philips Lighting's Energy Saver Bug-A-Way bulb has a special yellow filter to produce light whic..


14w TCP "A" Lamp 21314 - Pack of 6

This TCP compact fluorescent A19 light bulb bulb is suitable for use in table lamps with clip-on lam..


14w TCP 27k SpringLamp 801014 - Pack of 6

This TCP 14 watt SpringLight is designed for general use around the home. This bulb is a suitable re..


14w TCP R30 Floodlight 803014 - Pack of 6

This BR30 reflector flood is ideal for non-dimming recessed and track lighting fixtures. It will pro..


18w MAX A21 SKB18EAWW - Pack of 4

This is a versatile compact fluorescent suitable for use in residential or commercial settings. It h..


18w PHI 4-Pin 27K PL-C Quad - Pack of 2

These 4-pin Philips lamps offer good color rendering and long life. They are suitable for use with r..


20w MAX PAR38 SKR3820FLWW Refl - Pack of 2

This 20 watt flood will provide 900 lumens of light, which is similar to the amount light produced b..


26w GE R-40 Dimming Lamp

This dimmable indoor floodlight from General Electric may be used with most conventional incandescen..


3.5w Philip E26 Dim 27k 427815

Philips EnduraLED™ dimmable blunt-tip LED candle provides smooth dimming and decorative, energ..


4w GE MR16 GU10 30k LED5GU10/N

GE's 4.5 watt LED MR16 GU10 base non-dimmable lamp brings energy savings in overhead light appli..


4w GE Par16 LED5P16S/NFL/TP 6

GE's 4.5 watt LED non-dimmable PAR16 lamp brings energy savings in overhead light applications in wh..


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