Professional Geiger Nuclear Counter Radiation Detector Radioactive...

Professional Geiger Nuclear Counter Radiation Detector Radioactive...

Professional Geiger Nuclear Counter Radiation Detector Radioactive Detector X-Ray Tester With Led Display,X Ray Test Professional Detector,Marble Detector Dosimeter (with Battery)

  • High Sensitivity: Professional geiger counter, Geiger Core radiation detector has built-in acoustic and visual signals for the degree of radiation captured. Using a highly developed GM tube as the core sensor. It has automatic data logging. The LCD screen allows you to read the required data quickly and accurately, it is used to record natural background radiation and artificial radiation.
  • Nuclear Radiation + Electromagnetic Radiation Test: Nuclear and electromagnetic radiation tester has been developed with data display, memory and output functions .And built-in timing shutdown, threshold alarm function. If you are in an environment with electromagnetic radiation for a long time, it will cause great harm to our body. We need nuclear radiation detectors to help us.
  • Long-term Monitoring of Radiation and Radiation Detection: The nuclear radiation detector uses a complex GM tube as the core sensor with a small error, high precision 0.01 UPS / h to ensure accurate measurement, high sensitivity, wide range measurement , lasting benefits . Measuring range: electric field: 1V/M~1999V/M; magnetic field: 0.01μT~999.99μT.
  • Portable and Lightweight: The user interface is compact and portable, simple, clear and easy to use, small and portable geiger counter, portable design nuclear radiation detector, you can put it in your bag and carry it with you. Geiger Counter Radioactivity Nuclear Radiation Detector, Geiger Counter Physics X-Ray Test Professional Marble Detector with LCD Display.
  • Wide Application: Professional portable Geiger radiation protection and high accuracy and stability of the product, widely used in material testing and radiation testing, very suitable for daily use, hospital, industry, etc. It can be used for material inspection, environmental testing, radiation protection, radiopharmaceutical detection, etc.
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