AC Cover - Small

While window air conditioners really ought to be removed during cold winter months, these indoor air conditioner covers will help to prevent drafts through most window-mounted or through-wall room air conditioners. Each package contains one beige-color washable poly/cotton fabric cover, a windblock insulating liner, and a roll of removable tape to secure and seal the windblock liner. Three sizes are available.
  • Small: For air conditioners from 12" x 14" high and from 18" to 21" wide.
  • Medium: For air conditioners from 15" x 17" high and from 22" to 25" wide.
  • Large: For air conditioners from 18" x 20" high and from 26" to 28" wide.

Item No EFI-3560.4

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  • Brand: Jebb
  • Product Code: EFI-3560.4
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