A-C DraftShields 15x8 Cover

A-C DraftShields 15x8 Cover
During the heating season, many people try various strategies to reduce drafts through central air conditioning system register, including covering them with tape, blankets, magnet covers, or sometimes cardboard. Even if the register has adjustable louvers, closing louvers rarely eliminates all airflow. This Central Air A-C DraftShields Cover is a much more effective means of sealing your air-conditioning system registers, keeping cold air from entering your home through your air conditioning ducts during the winter.
It consists of a well-designed clear plastic cover with a closed cell foam gasket around the edge to insure a tight seal, a lanyard, and a hook. The cover is made from recycled plastic. To install, attach the hook to the register and thread the lanyard through a small hole in the DraftShield cover. Tighten the lanyard and the cover will remain securely in place. To remove, loosen the lanyard and remove the hook from the register. No permanent hardware is required, and the DraftShield cover will be able to be re-used every heating season.
This size is suitable for registers or vents of any dimension up to 15" x 8". For maximum benefit, one A-C DraftShield cover should be used on each air conditioner register in the house.
Dimensions: 15" x 8"
Origin: United States

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