Biozone 15 U-Shaped UV Lamp

Biozone 15 U-Shaped UV Lamp

Product Description
Biozone 15" U-Shaped UV Lamp

It is highly recommended that you replace the UV Lamp in your Biozone Air Purifier once every year before the lamp burns out in order to maintain performance.

Fits the Following Older Units or Discontinued Models:

  • Biozone 10,000
  • ATC I (1 lamp)
  • ATC II (2 lamps)
  • ATC III (3 lamps)
  • Megazone III (4 lamps)
  • Powerzone IV (4 lamps)
  • Voted: 2128
  • Brand: Biozone
  • Product Code: 10-15100U
  • Availability: In Stock
  • $98.89



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