Herstyler Argan Oil Hair Repair Serum, Diminishes Damage Caused by...

Herstyler Argan Oil Hair Repair Serum, Diminishes Damage Caused by...

Herstyler Argan Oil Hair Repair Serum, Diminishes Damage Caused by Straightening Tools, 2 Fl. Oz/60 Ml (Pack of 4)

It's about time you restored shine and shimmer to your hair. You head to your local beauty store, and stare at the huge wall of products. It seems like there's about a million choices for women looking for hair care products, but you're not sure which one to choose.

What do you want? You want smoother, thicker, fuller hair, and you want to get rid of any annoying frizz or flyaways. You can't find one that does just what you want! Look no further - we've got you covered with Herstyler's Argan Oil Hair Serum, in a 4 pack so that you always look your best.

Enriched with argan oil, this hair loss serum helps protect and strengthen your hair for a healthy look. The lightweight and non-greasy formula doesn't weigh your hair down, and it's concentrated, so it will last you a very long time. Depending on your thickness, 2 to 3 pumps are enough. And for those with fine baby hair or oily hair, a single pump should do the trick. Using this hair straightening serum restores that lovely shine to your hair (but without making it feel oily).

The best part? You can use this hair smoothing serum every day because it doesn't have some of the harsh chemicals that can often lead to damaged locks. This serum works with any hair type, so if you have thin, straight hair or thick, curly locks, you're covered.

When you want shining, gorgeous hair (without resorting to paying sky-high spa fees), add the Herstyler Hair Serum to your regimen.

  • DIMINISH FRIZZ and FLYAWAYS and take control of your hair
  • GET COMPLIMENTS on your hair while that faint-yet-gorgeous scent hides your secrets
  • ALL HAIR TYPES are welcome to use this hair serum. This 4-pack is perfect for the entire family!
  • FALL IN LOVE WITH YOUR HAIR as you discover shine and silky softness with each application of this hair oil serum
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  • Brand: HerStyler
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