Herb Seeds Vault [12 Variety - 3600 Seeds]- Heirloom Non GMO - Her...

Herb Seeds Vault [12 Variety - 3600 Seeds]- Heirloom Non GMO - Her...

Herb Seeds Vault [12 Variety - 3600 Seeds]- Heirloom Non GMO - Herbs Seeds for Planting for Indoor and Outdoor | Herb Garden Seed Pack | Mint, Chives, Lavender, Cilantro, Parsley, Basil, Rosemary

****DISCLAIMER Some seeds are EXTREMELY SMALL, such as mint, oregano, and peppermint. Please be advise

Our heirloom Non-GMO seeds are great for gardeners, survivalist, kids, and chefs alike. Get yours today! Start growing your own herb garden at home. 

These make as a great gift for anyone starting out with a herb growing kit or indoor garden starter kit as you can easily plant several different types of herbs. These gardening seeds are great all year around indoor or outdoors. Your kitchen herb garden will allow you to make some amazing food with fresh herbs.

12 Heirloom Herb Seed Collection by Tiny Greens

Included in each pack:

Varieties - Counts (estimated) Total: ~3600

English Thyme Seeds ~250

Italian Parsley Seeds ~350

Rosemary Seeds~25

Oregano Seeds~200

Basil Seeds ~600

Cilantro Seeds~400

Dill Seeds~650

Lavender Seeds~50

Sage Plant Seeds ~50

Chives ~300

Mint Seeds~250

Arugula Lettuce Seeds~500

10 Plant Markers

Planting Guide

PDF Tips and Tricks

Harvesting Time

Most Herbs - 60 - 90 days 

Lavender Seeds - 150 - 180 days

Germination Time

Herbs - 5 - 30 days

Germination Test

We know that everyone wants the best germination rate and ours have consistently tested over 95%!

Check out our email to get techniques and best practices for germination on your herb seeds.

Growing and Planting

Most herbs are fairly easy to grow but of course there are some herbs that seem to always be harder or more picky than others. Use good soil and follow our tips on planting.

Ideal growing PH - 6.0 - 8.0

Ideal temp - 70 degrees or warmer for germination

Can easily be started indoors and transferred outside or in a hydroponic system

  • 12 MOST POPULAR CULINARY HERBS and 12 BONUS PLANT MARKERS - Stop buying dry, stale, flavorless dry herbs and start growing your own herb garden indoors or outdoors. Nothing compares to fresh herb plants and a beautiful garden. Great for cooking or medicinal herbal teas.
  • MAKES A GREAT GIFT - Give the present that so many people will love. From gardeners, home chefs, and chefs alike. Easily grow herbs in your kitchen herb planter or herb growing kit to grow full grown herbs or microgreens.
  • HIGH GERMINATION RATE GUARANTEED - 95%+ germination that has been tested means little to no seeds will go to waste. Works great with aerogarden pods and growers.
  • NON GMO - HEIRLOOM - OPEN POLLINATED - All of our seeds are sustainably sourced in the USA and are of highest quality. Each seed packet of seeds is in a zip lock bag to ensure freshness
  • OVER 3600 TOTAL SEEDS & PLANTING GUIDE - We include plant markers, growing guide and tips on growing for all of our customers. ***Notice*** Some variety of seeds are EXTREMELY SMALL and will appear to not have the correct quantities of seeds. We have checked several times for seed quantities and have always counted them to be correct. If there is any concerns please let us know. ***
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