Heirloom Vegetable Seeds Non GMO Survival Seed Kit - Part of Our L...

Heirloom Vegetable Seeds Non GMO Survival Seed Kit - Part of Our L...

Heirloom Vegetable Seeds Non GMO Survival Seed Kit - Part of Our Legacy and Heritage - 50 Varieties 100% Naturally Grown- Best for Gardeners Who Raise Their Own Healthy Food

You've Finally Found the Seeds Pack You've Been Looking For and Here's How To Preserve Your Organic Vegetable Survival Seeds For DECADES and Eat Fresh, Delicious, Juicy Tomatoes/Watermelon/Vegetables And More Right From YOUR Garden!

Stop Feeding Yourself and Your Family Pesticide Laced Produce That Are Genetically Modified

Now is the time to make the change. Grow your own nutritious, healthy vegetables right in your own yard and feed your family with delicious, pesticide free, non-gmo food. Store away for long term DISASTER preparedness

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* I am THRILLED with the purchase. They were packaged well, and I received follow-up emails with hints and tips for growing vegetables!"
* "I am REALLY impressed at the speed with which these seeds sprout AND the healthy looking plants that are beginning to grow!"
* "you won't believe the amount of healthy, ORGANIC food you'll be able to produce from the number and variety of seeds provided. In addition, you are also provided with a lot of helpful information to get you started."

Bonus: 32 Page Full Color Downloadable PDF - "Planting, Sprouting and Storing Guide" insures your success...even if you've never planted a garden before!

Whether you're preparing for doomsday or would just like to create an organic lifestyle, our Heirloom Seeds are the PERFECT investment for you and your family.


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  • WHAT'S IN THIS PACK OF SEEDS? - Just Click the 2nd Image From Top on the LEFT SIDE of Your Screen to See The List. 9,500 Seeds.
  • SAVE MONEY! Store Them In The Original Re-Sealable Moisture Proof Foil Laminated Package, Just As They Come, OR Use Your Own Re-Sealable Glass Jars as Bulk Vault Banks to Preserve Your Seeds For DECADES. Eat Fresh, Delicious, and Juicy Tomatoes,Watermelon, Vegetables Right From YOUR OWN Garden!
  • BONUS! FREE 32 PAGE GUIDE for Planting, Storing and Sprouting Your Seeds to MAXIMIZE Your Investment! (Instant Download Available) This is a PDF BONUS Guide With FULL COLOR Pictures of What Your Mature Organic Vegetables Will Look Like, Ideal Soil Temperature, Seed and Row Spacing AND Planting Depth.
  • 100% NATURALLY GROWN, Non-GMO Non-Hybrid Open Pollinated Heritage Vegetable Seeds Will Produce Over 8,000 Healthy Plants With Loads Of Fresh, Organic, Juicy Vegetables.
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