Heirloom Garden Seed Jar

Heirloom Garden Seed Jar
Doomsday Survival Emergency Preparedness Heirloom Garden Seed Jar18 that is right, eighteen varieties of delicious NON GMO, NON HYBRID, OPEN POLLINATED VEGETABLE SEEDS packaged for long term storage inside a durable, watertight, emergency survival resealable jar. To enhance storage shelf life, seeds are sealed inside waterproof Mylar packets with a resealable zipper top. All vegetables were chosen for the common man, and they are not vegetables you have never heard of, or do not like anyway. They are vegetables you actually want to grow and eat. You will declare a very bountiful Harvest of Independence in your own victory garden!!!Your Watertight Emergency Survival Garden Seed Jar includes....Cabbage - Golden Acre over 480 seeds, 2 grams Bean - Stringless over 70 seeds, 1 ounce Corn - Golden Bantam over 110 seeds, 1 ounce Pepper - California Wonder over 125 seeds, 1 gram Lettuce - Buttercrunch over 780 seeds, 1 gram Carrott - Chantenay over 740 seeds, 1 gram Pea - Early Alaska over 150 seeds, 1 ounce Radish - Cherry Belle over 360 seeds, 3 grams Tomato - Beefsteak over 340 seeds, 1 gram Cucumber - Marketmore 76 over 150 seeds, 4 grams Squash - Butternut Waltham over 80 seeds, 8 grams Corn - Country Gentleman over 200 Seeds, 1 ounce Cantaloupe - Hearts of Gold over 60 seeds, 2 grams Lettuce - Paris Island over 790 seeds, 1 gram Watermelon - Crimson Sweet over 55 seeds, 3 grams Pea - Sugar Snap over 110 seeds, 1 ounce Onion - White Spanish over 240 seeds, 1 gram Zucchini - Dark Green over 25 seeds, 5 grams
  • Doomsday Survival Emergency Preparedness Heirloom Garden Seed Jar
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