Halo Rejuvenator Posture Perfect 1LB

Halo Rejuvenator Posture Perfect 1LB

The #1 cause of neck pain, headache and shoulder pain is POOR POSTURE!

Today, our lives are centered around high use of computers, video games and backpacks and it’s causing a rampant, epidemic rise in poor posture which is causing neck pain and headaches at a rate never before seen.

What you’re looking at is “Halo Rejuvenator”, a neck pain, headache and “Poor Posture” solution that is so simple and effective you’ll wonder how in the world it works! And… it works at warp speed.

Mother Nature continues to have a lot of solutions up her sleeve. One of them is when weight is placed on the human head the PROPRIOCEPTORS in the neck and back signal the brain, which activate the body’s righting reflexes which naturally encourage the head to become centered over the cervical spine, resulting in improved posture, thereby relieving the underlying cause of the stress and pain.

There are several possible causes of neck pain, although it is often difficult to know with certainty what is causing pain. This is because the examination, and even imaging tests, are not able to easily differentiate among the various causes.

Following are some we think you should know about.

Cervical discogenic pain — Cervical discogenic pain may be the most common cause of neck pain. It is caused by changes in the structure of one or more of the cervical intervertebral discs. Common symptoms of discogenic pain include pain in the neck when turning or tilting the head. Pain may be worsened when the neck is held in one position for prolonged periods, such as occurs with driving, reading, or working at a computer. There is often associated muscle tightness and spasms. Discogenic pain can also refer pain or odd sensations into the arm or shoulder.
Cervical strain — Cervical muscle strain can occur when there is an injury to the muscles of the neck, causing spasm of the cervical and upper back muscles. Cervical strain may result from the physical stresses of everyday life, including poor posture, muscle tension from psychologic stress or poor sleeping habits. Typically, symptoms include pain, stiffness, and tightness in the upper back or shoulder, which may last for up to six weeks.
Whiplash injury — The cervical whiplash syndrome is caused by a traumatic event that causes an abrupt forward/backward movement of the cervical spine. The most common cause of whiplash is a motor vehicle accident. Symptoms of whiplash include severe pain, spasm, and loss of range of motion in the neck.
Cervical myofascial pain — Myofascial pain causes tight and tender areas of muscle that are sensitive to pressure. Myofascial pain in the neck can develop after trauma or with other medical conditions, such as psychologic stress, depression, or insomnia.

How Does It Work?
This weighted athletic style headband activates the proprioceptive mechanisms in the core neck muscles to strengthen it and increases blood flow in the neck and head. *Many studies regarding carrying weight on the head, have shown that the moment the body senses more weight on the head, the spine instantly straightens and lengthens (as much as ½ inch). This results in an immediate and positive effect on posture and relieves stressed neck muscle pain and tension shoulder pain quickly.

...and one size fits all!

  • Wear it For ONLY 15 minutes a day while…
  • Working on Computer    
  • Using A Treadmill
  • Meditating    
  • Riding A Stationary Bike
  • Walking    
  • Watching TV Or

For accelerated results, follow the simple exercises that come with Halo.

How to use Halo Rejuvenator to Correct Posture and Strenghen Neck Muscles for Neck and Shoulder Pain Relief

In addition to, or instead of the shown exercises your Halo Rejuvenator will help you while:

  • Working On Your Computer
  • Using Your Stationary Bike
  • Walking
  • Meditating
  • Watching TV
  • Performing Tai Chi or Qigong

In order to understand how the HALO works, we must first have an understanding of what creates headaches, back, neck and shoulder pain. As mentioned previously, a majority of this pain comes from STRESS caused by EXTENDED physical daily activities such as driving, using the computer or operating machinery.

Another form of stress is EMOTIONAL STRESS. Activities such as, multi-tasking, tight schedules, traffic jams, conflict, can stir up strong inner emotions, which can result in headache, neck, shoulder and back pain.

Simply put, our level of emotional stress is a by-product of how we interact with others both at the work place and at home. For many of us, the effects of physical and/or emotional stress results in neck and shoulder pain.

How does physical and emotional stress actually create pain?
One common side effect of stress is inflammation of the muscles, tendons and connective tissues. As muscles in our shoulders, neck, back and head become tightened and fatigued from stress, they become inflamed or swollen. This inflammation restricts blood flow in the major arteries that flow from the body to the head. The nerves in these affected areas are the trigger for pain.

The HALO REJUVENATOR design, comes from eastern methods of healing and wellness.

The HALO is designed to perform two functions;
1. Stop pain that develops in the head, back, neck and shoulders, which is mostly caused by daily stress, poor posture or a combination of both.
2. Strengthen the inner core neck muscles, which, support the head and keep the joints in the neck properly aligned and correct posture, so you will not have reoccurring problems.

Why does the HALO work?
The HALO works by simply increasing the blood supply to the affected areas, strengthening the neck muscles and naturally enhancing spinal alignment.

When the body senses extra weight on the head, the spine reacts in a vertical way and lengthens by as much as ½ inch. In doing so, the three curves of the spine straighten and your posture becomes more erect, which in turn relieves abnormal tension of the muscles.

The tubular portion of the HALO consists of weighted material of a slight amount (1LB) and when worn properly, releases the tense muscles, connective tissues and ligaments in the neck and shoulders, which also increases blood flow to the head. As a result, pain in those areas is relieved.

Who can benefit from using the HALO?

YOU and Anyone who suffers from head, neck, back and shoulder pain brought on by everyday stress.

Chiropractors, physical therapists and massage therapists find the HALO to be extremely beneficial for their patients.

Strengthening the inner core neck muscles is very important for people involved in sports such as boxing, martial arts, yoga, pilates, , Qigong, Tai Chi, football, soccer, surfing and auto racing, just to name a few.
dotAmerican Journal of Pain Management.

“…Posture and Balance affect every function from breathing to hormonal production. Spinal pain, headache, mood, blood pressure, pulse and lung capacity are among the functions most influenced by poor posture.”

1. Perrin Roger. Librairie Le Francois. Paris. 1979.
2. Joel Carbonnel

The Halo Rejuvenator...

  • Eliminates tension Headaches
  • Melts away stress induced pain in the Neck and Shoulders
  • Strengthens core neck muscles
  • Improves blood circulation to the head and neck
  • Increases neck flexibility and Range of Motion
  • Quickly Correct Posture
  • Buy Halo Rejuvenator for Correct Posture

Hand made in the U.S.A. with top quality Neoprene and 1mm diameter Micro Spheres.

Are you looking for a healing solution? The Halo Rejuvenator can change your life!

Clinical Proof

While the Ancient Kung Fu Masters of China may have been using head weighting to Strengthen core neck muscles for improved strength and balance, doctors in the United States have recently discovered and have been engaging in the practice of Anterior Head Weighting for a different purpose. There objective, to determine if head weighting would help correct one of the most prevalent spine ailments affecting more than 80% of Americans, the condition known as Forward Head Posture (Syndrome).

In its abbreviated form, FHP is a condition which can easily be recognized in Individuals when viewed from a profile. The head visibly protrudes forward in front of the torso and the shoulders are often rotated forward where as correct posture would be viewed with the head being vertically aligned over the shoulders.
Studies have shown that the major contributing factors causing FHP are sleeping with a pillow that is to firm or too thick, reading or using the computer in a position where the head tilts forward in front of the body. Disturbingly, the recent rise of Forward Head Posture in children has been thought to be connected to their early introduction to computers, improper posture while playing TV games and carrying over weighted back packs in school.
Both the short and long term affects of FHP have been well documented and include ailments such as tension, cluster and migraine headaches, neck, shoulder and back muscle pain, accelerated and irregular wear on the vertebrae in the neck region, reduced lung capacity and even changes in hormonal production. Needless to say, the visual appearance of an individual with advanced FHP is less than attractive.

The following abstract is part of a comprehensive study that was performed in 2003. The results are significant.
The Rejuvenator produces similar results as outlined in the study. Because the Halo Rejuvenator utilizes less weight (1 pound) vs. 3 to 5 pounds, as in the study, the time of improvement for ‘Forward Head Posture Syndrome’ will vary. The lighter weight still reverses FHPS, only more safely.
At the same time, Halo Rejuvenator will help the user to stretch and strengthen core neck muscles which are vital to maintaining good posture. Using daily while using a computer or watching TV for 15 to 30 minutes is recommended.

For people who suffer from chronic and severe head, neck, shoulder or back pain, and individuals who may have a predisposition to neck injury. They are advised to seek professional advice from their doctor.

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