HAIR ILLUSION - 100% Real Human Hair Fibers - Not Synthetic - For ...

HAIR ILLUSION - 100% Real Human Hair Fibers - Not Synthetic - For ...

HAIR ILLUSION - 100% Real Human Hair Fibers - Not Synthetic - For Men & Women, Premium Hair Building Formulation, Black 38g

When applying to completely bald spots you will need to use our fiber hold spray to help the fibers stick. Not needed for thinning hair although we recommend it for the strongest hold. *Applying 1. Apply our fiber hold spray to the balding area. 2. Apply the fibers by shaking or tapping the bottle. 3. Finish with the holding spray using short easy sprays. 4. for best results and strongest hold repeat the steps. This will build a few layers of fibers and allow the product to hold longer and look very natural. Hair Illusion is a cosmetic product made from 100 percent real human hair that allows men and women to conceal the appearance of thinning hair and bald spots, giving the impression of more hair. Hair Illusion does not re-grow hair or stop hair loss. Rather, it is only a cosmetic product that hides baldness. Hair Illusion is a quick, easy, and painless way to end the suffering and replace it with a full head of hair. Hair Illusion won't come off in the wind or with perspiration. To remove the product simply wash out with shampoo. Hair Illusion is different than similar products because it's made from 100 percent real human hair. It's not made from keratin, cotton, and rayon like competitors. It will give you an undetectable natural appearance, because it is real hair.
  • **NATURAL HAIR FIBERS** Check other hair fibers ingredients. We use 1 ingredient 100% natural human hair.
  • Less expensive hair fibers are only using 12-15g bottle. Check The Size.
  • ** NOTHING LOOKS MORE NATURAL THAN REAL HAIR** You can't fake real hair with synthetic fibers made with cotton and rayon.
  • ^ For a Stronger Hold We Recommend Using Our Fiber Hold Spray Before And After Applying The Hair Fibers ^
  • ** 100% MONEY BACK GUARANTEE** You have nothing to loose with out no questions asked 100% money back guarantee.
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