Grow Light, 50W Best Sunlight Full Spectrum Growth lamp, Dual Head...

Grow Light, 50W Best Sunlight Full Spectrum Growth lamp, Dual Head...

Grow Light, 50W Best Sunlight Full Spectrum Growth lamp, Dual Head 360 Degree Gooseneck Plant Light with Replaceable Bulbs Double Switch for Indoor Grow Light

Why LED plant bulbs
High quality the full spectrum of LED chips like the sun, applicable to all phases of the plant rotated 360 degrees
more convenient to adjust the lamps and lanterns and the Angle between the indoor plants
has 10 years of experience in development and manufacturing plant growth lamp
provides the five-star after-sales service for each customer
for bonsai, vegetables, flowers, fruits and provide the photosynthesis.
Why do plants need plant lights
Most plants need light just as people need water.
Light is very important for plants. No matter at what stage of growth
plants are essential for photosynthesis.Without enough light, plants can become weak, sick and even die
Full-spectrum plant lamps can not only provide the light needed for plant growth, but also accelerate plant growth, shorten the growth cycle.
What can I do for you
Help you grow any plant in any season, any environment, even in winter.ready to help you grow fresh and healthy vegetables.
shorten plant growth cycle and increase yield.provide most needed spectral and light nutrients for all stages of growth
promote better plant growth and completely replace the sun.
Product Specification
 Product size:15 x 6.3x 2 inch
Product weight: 1.499ib
Material: PVC
Power:50 w
Input voltage: 110V-240V
Certificates: RoHS CE FCC UL
1 x LED grow light
1 x User manual
1 x USB adapter
12 months warranty plus 30 days satisfaction or return guarantee.
  • ►Best upgrade Grow Light:upgraded full-spectrum Led includes the light needed for plant growth by simulating the solar spectrum 100pcs 0.5W led chip ,which will promote photosynthesis, accelerate sprouting, bloom, fruiting of your plants.Great option for indoor garden enthusiasts for high quality and good harvest.
  • ►Optimum full spectrum: wavelength range is 380nm-800nm, But the best wavelength for our plant lamps is 660nm and 730nm, if the plants are only illuminated by 660nm deep red light, the plants will feel under direct sunlight, so as to grow normally.advantage: if the plant is illuminated by 730nm far-red light, the plant will feel as if it is blocked from the sun by another higher plant, so it will work harder to grow. therefore 730nm far-red light will help the plant grow higher.
  • ►Lighting area larger :120 ° beam Angle, and 15 inches gooseneck, exposure area is larger.Equipped with flexible gooseneck and rotable bulb, easy to adjust the distance between the light and the plant, with a wider lighting Angle, does not reduce the light intensity and efficiency, using the double switch design.Add extra sunlight to the plant and increase photosynthesis, which promotes healthy growth.
  • ►High-Efficiency & Scientific Heat Dissipation Design: The shell of the bulbs was made of aeronautical aluminum which is one of the best thermal conductive material. And the fin-shaped heatsink design increases the heat dissipation area which can extend the service life of the grow light. The dissipation temperature is less than 60 degree while it's working, if you feel it's a little hot when the light is working, this is normal and safe phenomenon.
  • ►Art accord Warranty:We take pride in delivering top quality products and offering our friendly 12 Months Warranty plus 30 Days Money Back Guarantee for any reason. You can contact our 24 hours available customer service through clicking "Sold by" on the product detail page or your Amazon order page and you will be directed to "Ask a question" to send us message.
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