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Age Old Organics 1GR4C Grow 12-6-6 Liquid Fertilizer, 1-Gallon

A fast-acting natural high phosphorus combination of two of the oldest forms of fertilizer known, wi..


Age Old Organics 2PR016C Promote Liquid Fertilizer, 16-Ounce

Promote is a proprietary combination of Humates, seaweed extract and wetting agents designed to work..

Botanicare Grow Tray, 2 by 4-Feet, Black Out Of Stock

Botanicare Grow Tray, 2 by 4-Feet, Black

These are the same high-quality trays as the industry standard Botanicare White Grow Trays, but are ..


Botanicare Grow Tray, 44-Inch by 24-Inch by 7-Inch

Botanicare propagation trays are unrivaled in their variety of sizes to suit almost any application...


Botanicare Neoprene Insert for Power Cloners, 3.75-Inch 12-Pack

Manufactured from a sterile, soft material that is designed to hold and protect your cuttings withou..


TurboKlone KC52 Klone Collars for Insertion of Cuttings, 52-Pack

Customized polyethylene collars are more durable and maintain shape longer than other neoprene colla..


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