GE10w Par30 LED LN Dim.Refl.

GE10w Par30 LED LN Dim.Refl.

GE's 10 watt LED long neck dimmable PAR30 brings energy savings in overhead light applications in which a narrow, focused beam spread is desired. This lamp's long life makes it an ideal solution for hard to reach applications.
Compared to standard 45 watt incandescent R30 reflectors, GE’s LED PAR30 uses only 10 watts, reducing energy consumption by 78%. Although the lamps produce approximately 50% fewer lumens, the lamps optics concentrate light on the target, diminishing extraneous light actually, increasing the CBCP from 300 for an incandescent BR30 to 3450 for a 20 degree LED PAR30.

Electrical Specifications: 110-127 VAC, 60 Hz, 10 watts
Base: Medium
Light Output: 450 lumens (45 watt incandescent equivalent)
Light Output: 3450 CBCP (center beam candlepower)
Color Temperature: 2,700 degrees Kelvin (warm white)
Color Rendering: 80 CRI
Rated Life: 25,000 hours (based on 70% lumen maintenance)
Dimensions: 4.33" long x 3.75" diameter
Manufacturer Warranty: 1 year

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