Gaeas Blessing Seeds - Sweet Basil Seeds 500+ Organic Seeds Non-G...

Gaeas Blessing Seeds - Sweet Basil Seeds 500+ Organic Seeds Non-G...

Gaea's Blessing Seeds - Sweet Basil Seeds 500+ Organic Seeds Non-GMO Large Leaf Italian Heirloom Genovese Pesto Open-Pollinated High Yield 87% Germination Rate 850mg

Seed Overview

Open-pollinated. ~70 days to maturity. This heirloom variety is a classic pesto basil that has been in cultivation for countless generations. This basil has a highly concentrated flavor and a fine, sweet fragrance. Uniform with medium large leaves, these plants are slow to go to seed and slow to bolt, which means a longer harvest and heavy yields - this makes it perfect for drying, all-around great eating, and large-scale pesto production. This sweet basil is certified organic and non-GMO.

Culture Information

Seed directly when soil warms in late spring or transplant after danger of frost in well-drained and moderately rich soil. Ideal soil temperature is 65-75°F. Young seedlings will damp off if heavily watered during cool, cloudy weather. Water sparingly at first and use row covers to enhance early season vigor and speed maturity. Sow heavily and thin to 8-12", top mature plants to induce branching and increase total yield. Harvest before plants blossom. Absolutely intolerant of frost, damaged by temperatures in the 30s, and performs above 50°F. Can be potted indoors during winter for a year-round supply.

  • Ocimum basilicum - Open pollinated. Certified Organic and Non-GMO.
  • One packet of 500+ seeds contains roughly 670mg. Harvest in 70 days. Hardy annual and open-pollinated.
  • Uniform large-leaved Italian sweet basil with great flavor and heady aroma. Very high-yield, perfect for drying, general and healthy eating, and for large-scale pesto production!
  • 87% germination rate with current lot
  • Gaea's Blessing is based in Illinois, USA. We are committed to promoting sustainable growing methods, to protecting the biodiversity of our planet, to doing our best to ensure the wellness of the environment, and above all, to ensuring our customers' satisfaction. As adopters of the Safe Seed Pledge, we do not consciously buy or sell seeds that have been genetically modified.
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